Forme srl was established in 2000. Ours is a young, dynamic, and eclectic signature mark supported by a team of professional experts.

Our products are innovative, reliable and long lasting.

The production of accessories for the handling of windows, skylights, and vaults is very appreciated by our clients, who recognize that forme is a valid company with elevated standards.

Our products are intended as a point of reference in the national and international production scenery, and this is why we care to stress that their design and manufacture both take place exclusively in Italy.


forme srl offers a wide array of efficient, fast and precise services.

The main services that we offer are:

  • free quotes
  • technical assistance
  • customized products
  • extremely short delivery time for particularly urgent commissions


Our products are 100% made in Italy, in fact we manufacture, cut and finish them in our warehouse.

forme srl selects materials of excellent quality for its products to guarantee long lasting resistance without the need for maintenance.